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With HealERnation, The ER Experience, readers can explore the spiritual metaphor of the church as an emergency room as it relates to the church environment and uncover the need for the church to be a safe place to heal. Trauma, toxic relationships, grief, and shame can have a lasting impact on one’s life, thoughts, interactions, and ability to trust. Sadly, without deliverance, healing, and spiritual counseling, they become overwhelmed and remain buried in a pit of pain.


HealERnation, The ER Experience, written by Dr. Yvonne Capehart, is a book filled with spiritual principles, concepts, and Godly applications on how the church should position its heart to heal the wounds of those who are hurting. This book is an inspiring read for anyone who seems to deepen their understanding of their role to heal those who are wounded and broken within the church as we help others navigate through the heaviness of pain.


Get ready to take a powerful journey and be forever changed by the truth found in HealERnation, The ER experience, a Safe Place to Heal !


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