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No matter how many great accomplishments one has achieved in life, one tragic mistake can drastically alter their life. Mistakes and moral failures can be devastating, but when it occurs in the lives of someone you love, respect and admire it can be heartbreaking.  Dr. Yvonne Capehart uses the captivating story of Moses, Miriam and Aaron to show you how to  restore, recover and bring reconciliation through the power of love and healing to those who are crying "DON'T LEAVE ME AT THE GATE" as a result of their painful mistakes.


THE GATE represents the place of public shame, humiliation, rejection, and abandonment that many individuals experience as a result of their devastating decisions that caused others to be hurt in the process.  We must move beyond our empty judgmental words of condemnation and criticism, and step into a season of divine recovery and restoration. Just because they made a mistake:


  • Don't destroy them before God can heal them
  • Don't let them suffer alone
  • Keep them covered when they are exposed
  • Don't count them out
  • Don't let them die at the gate






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